A Brief History of Sacred Music Until the Protestant Reformation

Music in the Old Testament Religion and art have been closely connected ever since the beginning of the world. God has a keen artistic sense. On each of the six days of creation, He approved what He Himself had done. He saw that everything was good, that everything was beautiful. Nature, mankind, and the Creator […]

Musical Principles of the Protestant Reformation

The year 2017 is marked by tributes and celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Five centuries have passed since that momentous and historic Wednesday, October 31, 1517, when a brave and intrepid Augustinian monk, Martín Luther, the greatest hero of the Reformation, affixed with nails on the door of the Church of […]

Music and the Reformation: historical context

  In the divine prophetic scheme, the time of the end would be preceded by a period of 1260 years of dense spiritual and moral darkness, commanded by Satan through the church of Rome and the system that directs it: the papacy. During the Middle Ages, the political strength of the Roman church knew no […]